The strongest DIY 3D printed air filter

Posted: May 2, 2020, 7:48 p.m.

By: mynameismike

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The strongest DIY 3D printed air filter

For a while i have been working on a DIY project that i think now its more relevant for everyone and you may want to try it yourself. I made a big and powerful air filter. 

First the design. I used a hepa filter, a cylinder like the one in the picture. This is hollow so you need to 3D print a base. This base acts like an air barier. Forcing air to go into the filter only through the filter fibers on the sides and the top where the fan would go. In my design i printer a rod that would screw into that base and that would also screw to a fan mount on top. It is important for all of those components to have a tight fit with the filter so that air is forced through the fibers and out of the top.

I chose a PC fan. A 12V 0.5A fan, but this was too weak so i then bought a delta fan with 4.8A at 12V. It may sound like 5 vacuums but it does a very good job. I am still in the process of testing. For now i have verified that it does work and it does suck particles from the air quite well. I need to add a speed controller and print a housing for the whole thing to reduce the fan noise still. Eventually i will post the files here, so let me know if you are interested. I also have a particle counter to test this with which would also be fun. 

I am planning to use this filter as a DIY BIO workshop filter so i will keep the noisy delta but i would recomend another fan. A good solution might be adding 2 fans in a push-pull configuration but that isnt very convenient with the cyindrical HEPA filter. 

It is a work in progress but it does work. I though it may be helpful to share the start of this project with others and i will try to update this especially if i see others are interested.

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