Evolution driven by cross species jumping genes.

Researchers find genes jumping from species to species throughout evolution. Those genes are called transposable elements and have the ability to replicate themselves and move to other locations within the genome or even other species apparently.


Editing the genomes of entire species.

Sometimes entire animal populations appear to have some problematic genes. How do you fix such an issue? Gene drives can be used to alter the genome of some individuals and those will propagate the genes to their children. Thus eventually the whole population will end up having those genes. It is an interesting technology but… Continue reading Editing the genomes of entire species.


Spiders flying through magnetic fields.

A new study found that spiders can sense and navigate according to the earth's magnetic field. It is not the first time a living organism has been seen taking advantage of the earth's electromagnetic field, although this spider uses some more complex methods.

fly brain eyes scan stained anatomy

Fly protects its brain against Zika virus.

While Zika virus is not a direct threat to healthy people, it is for pregnant women. Thus we should be looking for ways to limit infections, develop vaccines and find treatments. A new study shows that flies might be able to show us how.

lab mouse on hand with gloves

CRISPR Cas9 causing tumours in mice… But its actually good.

CRISPR-Cas9 is a very useful tool for gene editing. It allows us to precisely and inexpensively edit an organism's genes. You can read more about it here. A recent study used it for something different though with great results. Instead of attempting to treat tumours in mice with this technology, hoping that someday this therapy… Continue reading CRISPR Cas9 causing tumours in mice… But its actually good.