Should you buy a Pixel 3 just for the camera?

Google Pixel 3, is a phone that shows off all the features and technologies that Google can offer. It is mostly known though for it's amazing camera. Is the camera though, so good, that you should buy one just for that reason alone?

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Why you need SPF 100+ sunscreen.

During the summer is necessary to have some protection from the sun. It is not only about sunburns, since just UV damage to your skin can cause issues regardless of obvious signs of sunburn. Some say that the SPF number on different products isn't that important, but here i will show you a study that suggests it is.

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Low fat vs low carbohydrate diet, and why none of it matters.

Obesity is a problem that affects millions of people and it is not going anywhere. For some people it is nearly impossible to exercise and for others the problem may be even more complex, involving psychological issues. So it is clear that solutions must be found as quickly as possible. If you have ever attempted to find a diet that will make you lose weight and fat online you may have found tons of option but which one is best? And more specifically which one will work best for you.