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A new study promises breakthroughs in all the diseases. (Alzheimer’s disease, Mental illness, multiple sclerosis, heart disease and more)

Data collected by the UK biobank genetics, enhances our understanding of genes and how they affect health.


Teaching the human body to beat cancer by reprogramming our immune system.

Researchers from the University of California have managed to successfully engineer human T cells to detect and kill cancer cells, by using CRISPR technology.

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Does Psyllium work? Health benefits and studies.

Recently i discovered Psyllium through Hank Green's YouTube channel and Chris D'Elia on the H3 podcast. They both talked about using Metamucil, which is a supplement, whose active ingredient is Psyllium. It claims to offer Digestive Health, Cholesterol, Blood Sugar, and Appetite Control.

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Is gene therapy effective for sickle cell anemia?

Sickle cell anemia or sickle cell disease is a form of anemia that depending on the genotype causes severe or mild symptoms. If you are a carrier of the disease you only have one allele and that doesn't affect you much. Unless you climb to a very high mountain you probably won't have any problems.… Continue reading Is gene therapy effective for sickle cell anemia?

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Graphene detects Zika virus.

Zika virus, is a virus spread by mosquitoes, and while it doesn't have serious consequences for most people, it can be very harmful for pregnant women. Within the last few years there have been several outbreaks reported in the US and UK among other places. Infected pregnant women have serious symptoms, with the virus causing… Continue reading Graphene detects Zika virus.