9900K vs Ryzen 2700X.

Intel has recently faced some criticism for their benchmarks on the new 9900K processor. This i9 processor, targets high-end gaming and productivity desktops and is competing with Ryzen, now that Intel finally increased the core count to 8.


The future of quantum computers.

Computers have always been using silicone to make semiconductors and thus transistors that based on their state are signaling 1 or 0. It is a binary code and this along with some other technologies can make up a modern computer. Since the creation of the first computers, everything has changed. Computers now are very complex… Continue reading The future of quantum computers.

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Do smartphones need more processors?

It happened again. Now Huawei has also a co-processor for graphics in their high end phones. They claim it will start from now helping with HDR content, battery life and general graphics performance. It is in a form of a chip you can see in the internals of the phones.

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Will we ever need multi-core CPUs?

CPUs are getting more complex and lately even consumer chips have started gaining more cores. We have seen a good example of this with smartphone processors. Snapdragon chips have always has a lot of cores and apple only a few, but still apple outperformed the Snapdragon chips. And there are more complex reasons for that… Continue reading Will we ever need multi-core CPUs?

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Ryzen Pro and Threadripper 2nd Generation coming in the second half of 2018.

AMD has released some interesting CPUs and continues with the second generation of the Ryzen processors. Although it was a bit underwhelming seeing that the performance didn't change much. We are still expecting a second design of the Zen architecture but this will probably come later in 2019.