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A new study promises breakthroughs in all the diseases. (Alzheimer’s disease, Mental illness, multiple sclerosis, heart disease and more)

Data collected by the UK biobank genetics, enhances our understanding of genes and how they affect health.

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The importance of data in Biomedical research.

Diseases can be caused by various things. Those can be determined by research into patients, comparing them with healthy individuals and identifying what works and what doesn't. Such research is hard and expensive, but it is only the beginning in the drug discovery process.


Finney, the most secure phone, that no one should buy.

After all the recent events about personal data, it is logical that someone might want some more privacy and security. A new phone, promises to encrypt your personal data while also ensuring all of the payments you make through it, are secure through a “bitcoin-like” wallet.


Even soldiers and secret agents aren’t safe from data collecting companies.

The mobile fitness app Polar has been used by security researchers to determine the location of its users. Those users were soldiers and secret agents in military bases. Their location while safe from most wasn’t that safe from their smartphone.

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Whats the future of genetic testing companies like 23andMe?

Lately companies like 23andMe have gained popularity and a lot of people have used them. It makes sense, for a small price they analyze your genes and give you data in colourful, well presented graphs for you to see. Whether or not you will end up doing anything with that data is up to you.… Continue reading Whats the future of genetic testing companies like 23andMe?