Evolution driven by cross species jumping genes.

Researchers find genes jumping from species to species throughout evolution. Those genes are called transposable elements and have the ability to replicate themselves and move to other locations within the genome or even other species apparently.


Editing the genomes of entire species.

Sometimes entire animal populations appear to have some problematic genes. How do you fix such an issue? Gene drives can be used to alter the genome of some individuals and those will propagate the genes to their children. Thus eventually the whole population will end up having those genes. It is an interesting technology but… Continue reading Editing the genomes of entire species.

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Does veganism save the environment?

Vegan diets have gained popularity over the last few years. Vegan is someone who chooses to eat foods made from plants only. This means no cheese, eggs, meat or fish. There are several studies showing that a vegan diet can be healthier than a normal diet but if you read articles on this site you… Continue reading Does veganism save the environment?

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Are genetically engineered foods bad… or is it just politics?

The debate on genetically modified organisms (GMO) especially in regards to food production is strong and many say biased too. It is almost inevitable though… there are huge investments in agriculture and thus a lot of giant companies having different opinions patents and investments. Everyone trying to manipulate your opinion to sell you more. So… Continue reading Are genetically engineered foods bad… or is it just politics?