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Can longevity be inherited?

Genetic traits that influence longevity exist, and can certainly be passed from parents to children. But as a general phenotype, longevity is very complex. All the genes related to longevity will not necessarily pass to the children in a predictable way.

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Do nuts make you younger?

Nuts, as called by almost everyone are not always just nuts. Some like the peanut are legumes and others like the chufa nut which is a tuber. They contain a lot of antioxidants and have a lot of nutrients. Not only that but they pack all those nutrients in a small size that lasts a long time and can be eaten raw anytime. This makes nuts a very healthy snack.

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How oestrogen makes women live longer.

Oestrogen is the main female sex hormone. It regulates the reproductive cycle and is responsible for many developmental characteristics. It plays a critical role in a woman's life. Telomeres do too though. They are present in both men and women and are the long repetitive ends of each chromosome. Those ends are similar to bumpers… Continue reading How oestrogen makes women live longer.

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Born by middle aged parents? You may have a chance to live longer.

Our cells are amazing machines, they can survive a lot of damage, fight infections and keep us alive for many years. But they are not perfect at it and in the process of defending ourselves they may cause some damage. This damage when accumulated may lead to age related diseases later in life. There are… Continue reading Born by middle aged parents? You may have a chance to live longer.