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Do your genes determine if you can play football?

Genetic variation exists within population of different ethnic origin and even different families. This difference in the genes of individuals even if small can make some better than others in sports. But by how much?

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Fly protects its brain against Zika virus.

While Zika virus is not a direct threat to healthy people, it is for pregnant women. Thus we should be looking for ways to limit infections, develop vaccines and find treatments. A new study shows that flies might be able to show us how.

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Is alcoholism genetic? How can you know your susceptibility.

Alcoholism affects many people. It is a serious issue and it can be observed all over the world. As with any other phenomenon like alcoholism that affects thousands, there can be several patterns pointing at the source of the problem. A recent study found such a pattern, specifically a polymorphism in a gene that affects an individual's susceptibility to alcoholism.