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The importance of data in Biomedical research.

Diseases can be caused by various things. Those can be determined by research into patients, comparing them with healthy individuals and identifying what works and what doesn't. Such research is hard and expensive, but it is only the beginning in the drug discovery process.


Why i love and hate Apple products.

Apple has changed a lot lately. They have released the iPhone X with a drastically changed design, the Macbook Pro with a core i9 and have worked to make all of their devices much easier to use, especially for professionals.

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Testosterone makes men seek luxury.

A new study found that increased testosterone in men equals with increased tendency to want goods that convey someone's social position. Which means, that the more testosterone a man has the more he wants that new Ferrari. I am a man but i am not someone that you see and immediately think oh that guy… Continue reading Testosterone makes men seek luxury.

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Whats the future of genetic testing companies like 23andMe?

Lately companies like 23andMe have gained popularity and a lot of people have used them. It makes sense, for a small price they analyze your genes and give you data in colourful, well presented graphs for you to see. Whether or not you will end up doing anything with that data is up to you.… Continue reading Whats the future of genetic testing companies like 23andMe?