9900K vs Ryzen 2700X.

Intel has recently faced some criticism for their benchmarks on the new 9900K processor. This i9 processor, targets high-end gaming and productivity desktops and is competing with Ryzen, now that Intel finally increased the core count to 8.


Linux is becoming an almost perfect platform. (Gaming, Productivity)

Linux has seen some support from NVIDIA and Valve recently, and that's great for gamers and people who can live in that ecosystem with those apps. Most jobs can be done in Linux regardless of distro used, and even if you are new to computers you can simply use Ubuntu and be fine with an excellent graphic interface.

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Samsung is taking SSD technology to the next level.

Samsung has been making excellent SSDs for a while now. In terms of new tech built into the drives, Samsung and Intel have had the most interesting tech. Intel with their optane technology and samsung with their 3D V-NAND chips. Buy Samsung seems to be ahead this time with a technology that can benefit everyone, from everyday consumers to datacenters.