Should you buy a Pixel 3 just for the camera?

Google Pixel 3, is a phone that shows off all the features and technologies that Google can offer. It is mostly known though for it's amazing camera. Is the camera though, so good, that you should buy one just for that reason alone?

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Should Canon be afraid of Sony? (camera tech)

Sony has been making cameras focused on incredible specs for the price since the release of the first α7. Canon on the other hand while they have been trying to make mirrorless cameras they keep “failing”. At least that's how i see it. None of their mirrorless cameras make sense compared to the competition or even their own DSLRs.

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Is Sony out of ideas for the A7Siii ? (Rumours)

The A7Sii was and still remains if not the best, one of the best video cameras for consumers and enthusiasts. It has been so good for most people that the next upgrade that made sense was costing in most cases 3x more. But how can Sony improve it?

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Graphene detects Zika virus.

Zika virus, is a virus spread by mosquitoes, and while it doesn't have serious consequences for most people, it can be very harmful for pregnant women. Within the last few years there have been several outbreaks reported in the US and UK among other places. Infected pregnant women have serious symptoms, with the virus causing… Continue reading Graphene detects Zika virus.

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Spherical CMOS sensor being developed.

A recent patent showed up, for an omnidirectional optical sensor array. It basically portrays a CMOS sensor, whose individual light sensing modules are forming a sphere. It also describes a circuit that automatically renders the information and assembles a file that is easily digestible by a computer, making the files less demanding on the processor… Continue reading Spherical CMOS sensor being developed.