Editing the genomes of entire species.

Sometimes entire animal populations appear to have some problematic genes. How do you fix such an issue? Gene drives can be used to alter the genome of some individuals and those will propagate the genes to their children. Thus eventually the whole population will end up having those genes. It is an interesting technology but… Continue reading Editing the genomes of entire species.

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Does coffee benefit or hurt your health?

Coffee is a complex brew. It contains many compounds, some harmful some helpful. It is consumed by millions of people and some even claim they can't wake up without a cup. I am one of those, i have to drink a cup every morning but no more than that unless i have something extremely important… Continue reading Does coffee benefit or hurt your health?

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Can Ayahuasca treat depression?

Millions of people suffer from depression and the existing antidepressants are not always effective and can even have severe side effects. Serotonergic psychedelics have shown interesting properties that could potentially be used to treat depression.

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Low fat vs low carbohydrate diet, and why none of it matters.

Obesity is a problem that affects millions of people and it is not going anywhere. For some people it is nearly impossible to exercise and for others the problem may be even more complex, involving psychological issues. So it is clear that solutions must be found as quickly as possible. If you have ever attempted to find a diet that will make you lose weight and fat online you may have found tons of option but which one is best? And more specifically which one will work best for you.

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Do your genes determine if you can play football?

Genetic variation exists within population of different ethnic origin and even different families. This difference in the genes of individuals even if small can make some better than others in sports. But by how much?